Raising funds for the Greater Vancouver & Surrey Food Banks

Make your donation go 6x as far when you donate to the food bank this month!

For the month of December, Porte will be fundraising for the Greater Vancouver and Surrey Food Banks. Our goal is to raise $2,500 by the end of December 2014 and we will match all donations received – together we can donate $5,000 to these causes this holiday season…and even better, for every $1 given, the food banks are able to purchase $3 worth of nutritious food for families. With Porte’s matching donation and the Food Bank’s buying power, your donation will go 6 TIMES as far!

Donations you make will help to empower families and individuals less fortunate by giving them access to healthy and nourishing foods. 28,000 people rely on GVFB services each week – 26% of these are children and 18% are seniors.

Make your donation go 6x as far with our matching contribution and the Food Bank’s buying power:

$50 donation = $300

$2500 Goal = $15,000 Buying power

Help those in need have a memorable holiday season and donate today! Click here to visit our donation page.