Milan Langr

Property Maintenance Technician

Milan graduated from SFU with a Communications degree with an English and Kinesiology minor. He has stayed in Vancouver because of the beautiful outdoors and its great climate. His favourite thing about Vancouver is what he calls a “seasonal sports hat trick” – he has skied, swam in the ocean and golfed all in the same day.

He started with Porte in the fall of 2017. He calls himself “every tenant’s handyman.” You will find him doing all sorts of building repairs from drywall, plumbing, tiling, electrical and much more. Milan’s favourite part of his job is the reaction people have when the problem is fixed! He believes that a smile and a thank you can go a long way. Milan thinks that what sets Porte apart from its competitors is our care and concern for others, and our cohesive and happy team.

When Milan isn’t at work you can find him playing or watching soccer and listening to music. He is a huge concert goer, music makes Milan feel alive.

What actor would you want to play in the movie about your life?

Depends which stage of my life, however Kiefer Sutherland would be cool.

What is your dream vacation?

See a game in every NHL City.