We know moving day can be a little crazy. From our experience, we have found most moves go along without a hitch, as long as the tenant and building manager remain in contact throughout the move. Here are some helpful tips and information.

One month prior to move

  • Make reservations with your moving company or rental truck company
  • One of our Value Added Partners, Quality Move Management offers a 10% discount to our tenants
  • Purchase moving boxes or start collecting boxes from various outlets – you will be surprised at how many of the outlets will be completely out of boxes at month end
  • Frog Box is a great green alternative to cardboard boxes and if you’re a ZipCar member (Porte Value Added Partner), you can get 10% off Frog Box
  • Start packing small items such as dishes and ornaments now
  • Advise the telephone company, cable company, hydro etc. to disconnect service
  • Give your forwarding address to the post office and landlord
  • Let the building manager know if you are having problems coordinating your move
  • Arrangements may be made with the building manager to have your suite cleaned at a nominal cost if you feel you simply will not have the time to clean your suite as required

Some things you should know

  • You MUST vacate your unit by 1:00 pm – this is stipulated in your tenancy agreement
  • Several people may be moving on the same day as you so please coordinate your time with the building manager
  • Some buildings require you to book the elevator – talk to your building manager about it
  • It is your responsibility to ensure your unit is left clean when you vacate

Basic cleaning requirements

  • Wash walls to remove all marks
  • You must have the carpets professionally cleaned – if you arrange this yourself, you must provide a receipt to the building manager or the manager can arrange the carpet cleaning and the cost will be deducted from your security deposit
  • Clean all window coverings
  • Wash all windows, window sills, light fixtures and shelves
  • Clean all floors (see manager for instructions for hardwood floors)
  • Sweep and clean out your locker area
  • Remove all garbage

Specific cleaning for the kitchen

  • Defrost and wash refrigerator and then leave on low
  • Clean range, oven, pans, broiler grills and racks, wash hood and exhaust fan
  • Clean cabinet shelves
  • Wash floors and walls
  • Wash behind and under stove and fridge

Specific cleaning for the bathroom

  • Scrub tile and clean grout
  • Wash bath tub, sink, shower and toilet, wash floors
  • Clean medicine cabinet and mirrors
March 2, 2015

"My move in was seamless and the apartment was in the exact condition promised. A few days later there was an issue with an appliance and it was fixed and corrected promptly. I would have no problems recommending a Porte managed property to anyone of my friends or colleagues."
Vince Skirzyk