FAQ Rentals

Am I able to dispose of furniture and other large household items in the garbage bins?

Household items and furniture should be disposed of at your own expense and not thrown into the garbage bins. If we are able to trace items back to you, we will charge you back for the cost of removal.

Are credit checks required when applying for tenancy?

We do perform credit checks prior to approving applicants. Please be assured that your information will be kept confidential.

Are the locks re-keyed before I move into my home?

For your safety, and security purposes, we have all the locks to your home re-keyed before you move in.

Are utilities included in my rent?

Residential tenants are responsible for their own cable, telephone and electricity. It is important that you call to set up your utilities upon moving in, and cancel them when you move out to avoid additional charges. In most cases, hot water is included in your rent. To contact BC Hydro call – 604.224.9376. Or you can apply for new service online: http://www.bchydro.com

As a commercial tenant, are personal belongings covered under the building insurance?

Commercial tenants are required to carry their own insurance to cover all contents inside their unit, including personal belongings and improvements. The insurance policy must be kept up to date at all times.

As a commercial tenant, in terms of repairs, maintenance and utilities, where do my responsibilities lie?

Depending on your lease agreement and the type of use of your business, your responsibilities in these areas may vary. Please email us at help@porte.ca if you are unsure about anything, and we can help clarify.

As a residential tenant, are personal belongings covered under the building insurance?

Residential tenants are required to get their own insurance coverage for contents inside their suite as personal belongings are not covered under the building insurance. Refer to Section 29 of the Tenancy Agreement for further information.

Is smoking allowed in residential suites?

Our homes are smoke free. There will be money withheld from your damage deposit if extra cleaning is required as a result of smoking in your suite.

My plans are uncertain. Is it possible to rent a suite month-to-month rather than a year’s lease?

No, we require a year’s lease. The most significant reason is that a stable community is more comfortable for all residents. Secondly, things like advertising, painting suites, wear and tear on common areas and staff time, (on site and in administration) consume both time and money.

We have decided to move out. What do I need to do as a commercial tenant?

If you are coming towards the end of your lease term, you will receive an information package from us approximately one month before you are due to move out which will explain the process and your responsibilities in more detail.

However, if you are interested in terminating your lease early, please contact us directly at 604.732.7651 to discuss your options.

We have signed the lease. Where can I pick up my keys?

Keys should be distributed through the leasing agents at the time the lease is signed; but you may contact us and arrange for this, if necessary.

What do I do prior to and upon moving out?

Please see moving information for details on how to clean your suite and for information on what is required of you.

What happens if I break my lease?

As a residential tenant, you are required to sign a 1-year lease upon moving in. If you move out before your lease is up, there will be a liquidated damages fee. Please refer to Section 5 of your lease agreement for the amount or contact your building manager should you have any questions.

What if I have an emergency and need to connect with a property manager?

The first and primary contact in an emergency is your building manager. If your building manager is not available and you require immediate assistance, please call our main switchboard at 604.732.7651 and push #2 for the answering service. Give them the details of your emergency, your name and phone number. They will have someone knowledgeable get back to you. To contact your residential building manager, please see emergency contacts.

What if I leave items behind after moving out?

Your belongings will be disposed of at your own expense if they are left behind after moving out.

What if we have an emergency and need to connect with a property manager?

If it is an emergency outside of office hours, please call our main switchboard at 604.732.7651 and push #9 for the answering service. Give them the details of your emergency, your name and phone number. They will connect you with a knowledgeable staff member. Inside of office hours, please contact 604.732.7651 ext 104.

When is the manager able to enter my suite?

For your privacy and out of the respect of your home, we will give 24 hours notice prior to entering your suite. However, in the event of an emergency or other special circumstance that may put the safety or living conditions for other tenants at risk, we will enter without notice.

When should I expect to receive a cheque for my damage deposit?

Deposit cheques are mailed out from the head office 15 days after the end of your rental term. Be sure to attend your move out inspection so that you are aware of any charges that are to come out of your deposit refund. It is also important to provide your building manager with a forwarding address that we can send your refund cheque to.

Why can’t I give my notice on the 1st of the month, which is rent day?

Both the Residential Tenancy Act and your rental agreement stipulate that a calendar month’s notice is required, therefore you must give your notice on the last day of the month.

Will my rent ever increase? If so, how often?

Per the Residential Tenancy Act, rent increases are allowable once every year, or on the anniversary of your lease start date. If you are to receive a rent increase, you will receive written notice from us three (3) months prior to the increase taking effect. The percentage amount we are allowed to increase rent is set by the Residential Tenancy Office each year.